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Piano lessons

- children from the age of 5
- teenagers
- adults

For beginners and more advanced

Piano lessons at MKA Music

are divided into two directions:

- singer-songwriter

- classical music

Would you like to learn how to create your own accompanimentinto your singing? It doesn't matter if your write your own music or if you want to sing and play covers. You can learn that at our singer-songwriter piano course!

As a classical music piano student, you will learn theory of music as scales, reading notes and the piano technique- all from the very basics. All these tools will help you with understanding classical pieces and becoming independent in reading and playing.

The main focus will be on learning scales, building and reading chords and discovering the most important rhythm's patterns that will help you to create piano accompaniments for your singing.

The programme can be chosen independently; starting from classical pieces and ending on Pop music standards and arrangements.

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