'The Music Kingdom'

group lessons for children from 4 till 6 years old

Because singing together is more fun! :)


Rotterdam Delfshaven

Spanjaardstraat 23

3025 TG Rotterdam

Children from the age of 4. are welcome to join our group lessons themed 'The Music Kingdom' !

Group lessons are perfect for children starting their musical adventure. 

During lessons, the teacher will introduce aspects of music, such instruments, basic understanding of musical pitch, rhythms, notes and voice technique. 


Lessons will be based on children's music repertoire. All discussed musical aspects will be introduced on a song, which later will be practised vocally together. Everything with a smile and lots of fun! :)

Meet our teacher

  • vocal coach
  • piano and singing in combination
  • group lessons for children (English speaking group)

Lessons details and location

Price: e45,- monthly
Trial period: 1 month
Commitment: minimum of 5 months
Lessons: weekly*
Day and time: t.b.a (we are still recruiting)
Location: Spanjaardstraat 23, 3025 TG Rotterdam
Rotterdam/ Delfshaven
Spanjaardstraat 23
3025 TG Rotterdam